OpenRheinRuhr 2010 – Call for Papers

OpenRheinRuhr LogoThe second OpenRheinRuhr, where I happen to belong to the organization team, will take place on Saturday, 13th and Sunday, 14th of November 2010. We just published our Call for Papers, so if you feel like you’d like to give a lecture or organize a workshop, you’re invited to submit your papers.

Here the Call for Papers in it’s full glory:

OpenRheinRuhr 2010 – Call for Papers

Trivia: “Pott” is short for “Ruhrpott”, a slang-term for the Ruhr-Area. Also, Pott is German slang for a cooking-pot. Hence the slogan “A pot full of software”.

When: Saturday, 13th and Sunday, 14th of November 2010
Where: Rheinisches Industriemuseum, Oberhausen, Germany

The second OpenRheinRuhr in Oberhausen will follow on from last year’s success in Bottrop. The OpenRheinRuhr is an exhibition and conference dedicated to all free software and internet policy related topics. Users, IT experts, and decision makers will get the chance to meet up and talk in workshops, lectures, and at their booths. Companies are invited to present themselves and their free-software products and services.

Call for Papers

The OpenRheinRuhr invites users, developers, administrators, IT decision makers and civil rights activists to submit papers, workshops and talks about the following topics:

  • New Developments in Free Operating Systems and Applications
  • Desktop and Graphics
    • Multimedia
    • Office Applications
    • Synchronisation with Mobile Devices
  • Internet, Web-technologies
    • Emerging Network Technologies like IPv6 and Multicasting
    • Content Management Systems
    • Workgroup Solutions
  • Community Projects
  • System Administration Topics
    • Virtualisation and Migration
    • Deployment and Configuration Management
    • Scripting and Utilities
  • Business Applications
    • Data Warehouse, ERP and CRM-solutions
    • Configuration and Asset Management Solutions
  • Security, Privacy and Anonymity
    • Anonymisation Technologies
    • VPN and IPSec Solutions
    • Secure Programming and Administration of Applications
  • Law and Licenses


The Rheinische Industriemuseum is very close to Oberhausen’s central station. The exhibition-area is 790 square meters in total. Three rooms for up to a 100 people for talks and workshops are available.

Submission of papers

Please submit your papers by the 12th of September using our online-form, follow it’s instructions and give us the following details additionally:

  • a short abstract of your submission (one paragraph)
  • a detailed description of the topic of your talk (maximum three paragrahps)
  • the intended audience of your submission (users, sales, adminstrators, marketing)
  • the skill-level of your talk (easy, advanced, expert)

Language of submissions

The audience is almost exclusively German or German-speaking. Submissions in the English language are not banned, but should be limited to rare exceptions. Submissions in languages other than German or English will not be accepted.


Talks will last 42 minutes. The organisation team will agree on the individual duration of workshops.

Formats and Licenses

The papers shall be submitted as OpenOffice-, TeX-, DVI- or PDF-files. In the spirit of the Open Access movement the OpenRheinRuhr suggests to publish your papers unter the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License or a Creative Commons license.

Other details needed:

  • full name of the submitter
  • email-address of the submitter
  • a short self-description of the submitter (picture of yourself, short CV, background)
  • what equipment is needed (flipchart, video-beamer, etc.)

Anonymous submissions are also accepted.

The OpenRheinRuhr is looking forward to interesting papers. In case you need any help with your submission, get in touch with us:


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