And the v6 keeps on rolling!

Yesterday was World IPv6 Day. From the German perspective, there was a huge spike in traffic-increase on that day. Not so much as one might have expected, but still a significant increase:

IPv6 Traffic at the German Internet Exchange

Interestingly, although IPv6 day is over, the traffic didn’t decrease. For the fun, I checked with – and it’s still serving traffic in IPv6!

Now compare to the the montly stats:

DE-CIX monthly IPv6 traffic

Nethertheless, IPv6 traffic is still very little compared to regular IPv4 traffic:

IPv4 Traffic at DE-CIX

So while IPv6 peaked with 1.8 Gbit/s, IPv4 at DE-CIX is still a 3.2 TBit/s. Which is about 2000 times more traffic.

But what does that tell us?

Thinking of the IPv6 traffic stats I derive the following things. First, I assume that IPv6 day didn’t make user migrate to IPv6. I think – although I can’t prove it – that existing IPv6 users kept using the Internet like they used to.

But the statistics tells us one thing: That a lot of people were prepared and ready – the early adopters. Since is still online with v6 – and the traffic didn’t change to much – I think that either made up most of the v6 traffic, or, that most of the websites are still live with v6.

Whoever you are, running IPv6 since yesterday: Keep going! And let’s hope those traffic stats keep increasing over time.

If you’re interested in IPv6, and didn’t bother to try it, go and get yerself some v6 at the following spots:

Fly safe!

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