A proposal to Google how to improve privacy in Google+

This is a verbatim copy of one of my postings at Google+.

A proposal to Google how to improve privacy in Google+

Hi there Google! It’s very nice how one can restrict postings to a certain audience.
But what would also be very nice is when you could restrict other people from seeing to what audience you posted something.

For example:
Alice posts something to her circle “Friends”. She’s got 34 people in this circle.
Bob, being a member of her circle “Friends”, has 14 friends in common in all his circles.
However, Bob also sees Charly, who’s only a friend of Alice, but not of Bob.

I propose that Google adds a feature that Bob will only see the 14 friends he has in common with Alice, and a note “and 20 other people”. But Bob should never see the identitiy of those other people, means, he’d never see Charly.

Also, I’d like to see a feature saying “Prohibit this posting from being shared”. Sure, it won’t prevent people from sharing it by other means, let’s say copy&paste the text or downloading the pictures and resharing. But just the notice “This post was originally shared with a limited audience” doesn’t prevent anyone from unintended consequences.

Edit: While we’re at it, it’d be really neat if you could change the intended receiving circles afterwards.


P.S.: I’d like to see those features optional, but enabled by default, until the user decides to change it. Kthxbai!



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