Show your support for free software!

Do you like free software? If yes, I’d like to ask you to show your support – anonymously – on the website of the Free Software Foundation Europe:

What is this request about? The FSFE likes to know how many people care about free software and the issues we’re having. Also, we want to show off how many people are caring about free software issues, so that we can raise awareness in the public and in politics.

A lot of people – like you – care about free software – if it’s Linux, OpenOffice, GIMP or just Mozilla Firefox – without speaking up. This survey won’t disclose your identity to the public, but only to the FSFE. It would be really really cool if you could sign up as a supporter.

Here is the explanation. As some of you know, I’m a Fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe (“FSFE”). As a fellow, I take care of all aspects about free software. I’d be happy to let you know, in case you didn’t know yet, that I will answer you any question about free software if you have any.

So, if you’re interested, sign up! And drop me a line or start a discussion below in this posting, if you have questions, remarks or suggestions.


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