Yeah, that's me!I guess i’m supposed to fill this page with some useful content.

I’m Alexander W. Janssen and I’m an telecommunications and IT-networks consultant.

Most of the time in my job I consult my customers in engineering-related issues; I plan their networks, write their requirement specifications, develop custom solutions for problems they didn’t know they have and generally hold their hands. Before that I was working for a big telecommunication vendor, planning clusters and writing documentation.

This blog is mostly about space topics. high-performance computing, civil rights, TOR, the Free Software Movement, science and whatever interests me. My wife claims I have an attention span of a young kitten, so if I don’t answer your comments right away, it might be that I already lost interest :-)

Hope you enjoy my blog, if you got any questions, meet me as “yalla” on #sgi in IRCNet or on #lbw in oftc.net. Or just use the contact-form below.

March 6th, 2006 – Alexander ‘Yalla’ Janssen.
(updated on May 24th, 2014)

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  1. […] alexander w. janssen has been running a tor node in germany, and now has faced the face of repression… read the whole story here, about how the police crashed into his home after the adress of the server was used to post a threat in a german police forum. […]

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