Tor – a brief introduction and legal aspects (update)

September 7, 2007

Hiking TuxHi all, long time no see! Was busy with stuff I’ll explain later; however, I’m currently on the Linuxbierwanderung 2007 in Hersonissos, Crete, Greece. Today I gave my talk about Tor and it’s legal implications for users and operators.

Grab the Slides here:


There you go!

Update: I corrected the broken links. Sorry that I couldn’t do it earlier, but I was sitting in a Landrover Defender 110 driving through the Balkans – which was fantastic and deserves it’s own posting later.


Mini-LBW in Düsseldorf in December?

September 22, 2006

Hiking TuxVia

Yesterday we were discussing the possibility of another Mini-LBW in Düsseldorf in December-time. I’d immediately said “yes, I’d be happy to organize one!” and started to think of a possible agenda. But first comes the date – possible dates are the weekend 8th-10th or 15th-17th of December.

Stuff we could do on in Düsseldorf besides the usual “drinking & sightseeing”-part:

  1. Visiting the Neanderthal Museum, which is close to the orginal site where the first Neanderthal-skeletons were found
  2. Hiking around the Neanderthal, if the weather permits
  3. PGP Keysigning Party with the local LUG
  4. Visiting the various Christmas Markets
  5. Pissup in the Düsseldorf Altstadt (“Die längste Theke der Welt“)
  6. Visiting a brewery (? need to check that)
  7. Profit!

Available beers in Düsseldorf: In Düsseldorf most of the people drink Altbier, an dark and bitter flavoured ale. Traditional breweries in Düsseldorf are, amongst others, Uerige, Schumacher, Schlüssel and Füchschen.

I’m going to prepare an official annoucement on the LBW mailinglist by this weekend.

Back home

August 22, 2006

Hiking TuxArrived Düsseldorf just about three hours ago, went directly to our local university to see a specialist ’cause of my fancy little souvenir from the Paluse-woods.

Still have that infection and the doctor found out that the antibiotics i got in Lithuania aren’t enough, so she prescribed me more drugs. Apparently i’m infected by multiple strains of bacteria and the antibiotics i was taking since thursday are only helping against certain strains. The new antibiotics is supposed to be some kind of Weapon of Mass-Destruction when it comes to killing bacteria.

They took blood-samples to check with what else i might be infected to improve the therapy but she said it might take weeks until I recover. In six weeks I’ll have to make yet other blood-tests to check if i got infected with meningitis (my fscking vaccination was expired!!!) or even got borreliosis. Since nobody actually knows what really bit me (although the spider-theory is popular) it can’t be ruled out that it was a tick-bite – and those little bastards can transmit lots of nasty crap. Blargh.

However, this LBW was really nice (although i was grounded for quite some time) – beer and food is cheap and good (greasy though – the food, not the beer), the people are really nice. Kerstin and me decided we’ll definetively come back to Paluse.

Jens and me also decided to go to St. Petersburg next April to watch the Ice Hockey World Championship preliminary rounds and generally to enjoy Russia. I decided to take some Russian-lessons too – i mean, why not? I’m not keen to learn french, chinese would be useful but i’d had to learn very hard for little effort, so russian sounds like fun to me.

The only thing which was quite a bite disappointing was that we actually didn’t build anything although i brought a shitload of electronics to Paluse – if i only brought that 25 MHz crystals you need to get the Ethernet-stuff running… I also missed the Ignalina Nuclear Power Station. I really wanted to see that. So not much hiking, not much hacking, but a fair amount of drinking. And i bought Chuck’s 8 dB Wifi-antenna – proven technology :) Need to get the correct pigtail though.

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August 18, 2006

Hiking Tux on drugsAnti-hystamin: Check.
Anti-inflammation drug: Check.
Penicillin: Check.
Cortison: Check.
Pain-Killer: No need tonight.

Woooo, fancy coulours… Sniff you tomorrow, if you see what I’m saying. I fly for a swim in my bed, if that elephant get’s out of my shoe.

Come on and get some, you pesky germs!
/me wields a +15 blessed pill of penicillin named "germkiller" (doomed)

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Last post! (probably not)

August 18, 2006

Hiking TuxActually Mantas, one of the locals, invited everyone to a camp-fire thing on the camping-site but actually i didn’t feel like coming. Mantas: Sorry, couldn’t come. I mean, i really wanted to, but i already had quite a couple of drinks and my foot started swelling, so i decided to go back to my apartment, have a last drink (probably for the next couple of weeks) and read a bit in Terry Pratchet’s fantastic novel “Monstrous Regiment”.

Kerstin was quite tired too, so that fit somehow – she was busy with reading one of those Diana Gabaldon novels and just couldn’t stop reading. When i left the appartment to go to the hall she wanted to go for a swim in Lake Luse, but she just got stuck reading the book. Although it sounds like one of those scary women’s novel, i might give it a try – i believe in my wife’s taste so it can’t be that bad.

However, while sitting in the apartment i remembered Jens’ statement from a couple of days ago “I found a little strain of our wireless network in my apartment”. His apartment is just a couple of meters away from Kerstin’s and mine, so i thought i’d might give it a try and voila! There i am.

This was probably my last post for the next couple of days, I’m going to take a shitload of medication in the next couple of minutes – after taking them I’m going to be pretty fucked up.

Whoa, i just heard some noises on the floor so i opened the door and found Heike, Chris and Mike with their guitars – they want to go down to the beach, hope they have a good time. Mike splattered some water at me, next time i’m going to shove up some good old russian medication up his… sleeve.

Read you later.

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My holiday is pretty much over :-(

August 18, 2006

Hiking TuxWoke up this morning, no pain but a foot in weird violet and blue colours. Got scared, took pictures and sent those pictures to my doctor at the tropical institute of the University of Düsseldorf – he looked over it and said that it looks like a so called “superinfection” to him and that i really should go and see the doctor again.

So Kerstin – along with Jens and my fellow translator Mykolas – drove me to the hospital in Ignalina again. Well the doctor inspected my wound and found it to be infected too, he also managed to explain me in a funny mixture of all imaginable languages that i have indeed an infection and an inflammation and that i need to take even more medicine. I’m now on a mix of Penicillin, Anti-Inflammation drugs, Anti-Hystamins and Cortison.

So, tonight will be my last night of drinking, from tomorrow on I’ll be completly fucked due to the medication. Arse, a Linuxbierwanderung without beer and hiking – that kinda sucks, although the Internet is working now.

For all the LBW-participants, this is a public service-annoucement: You may have noticed that the Internet isn’t working reliably at the moment, this is due to routing-problems of our upstream-provider. Please use the proxy which is written on the poster next to the hall’s door.

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Those blasted insects!

August 16, 2006

Hiking TuxWe had a light hike on monday evening before the BBQ and i was bitten or stung by some unidentified insects. First it was just a red spot, then my right ankle started to swell like a friggin ballon. It got worse hour by hour; this morning i woke up at 0500 AM because my ankle was hurting – it was not only swollen but also really red which might indicate an inflammation.

Jens was so kind and drove me to the hospital in Ignalina where i was pushed around for some while until i met a doctor who spoke a little bit of german – good enough to tell me that i was bitten or stung by some poisonous insect and that i have a major inflammation and a hefty allergic reaction. My foot looks like i’d be the elephant-man and it hurts like hell.

The doctor prescribed me some steroids (some cortison-like stuff from Russia) to stop the inflammation and gave me lot’s of anti-hystamin as well. So if you see that mynext posting is full of random characters i fell asleep and banged my head on the keyboard.

A shame i missed the trip to Ignalina’s Chernobyl-type nuclear power station – i was really looking forward to it but instead i spend some time in a post-communistic hospital – which was probably *far* more interesting then the power station’s visitor-centre :-)

OK, i’m probably posting more regular now ’cause i can’t walk, hike or run and ’cause I’m pretty much stuck in the hall. Unfortunately the internet-connection sucks today, keeps flapping. Pesky Wifi-link up the hill.

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