Piss Hero

June 22, 2011

2005… Harmonix releases the first version of Guitar Hero…
2007… Activision publishes the most popular version ever since, Guitar Hero III…
2009… Activision presents DJ Hero…
2011… Activision announces the Hero product line to be dead.

Now SEGA took the lead, continuing the tradition of music games with special controllers.

Live, from Digital Signage Show, we present you:

Piss Hero!

Only this time, the controller is your wiener.


DFTD: Help us finding the Windows Bug!

July 24, 2008

Danger from the Deep logoHi all, as you might know I’m with the FOSS WW2 submarine simulation called “Danger from the Deep“. We’re heading straight for the next release 0.4.0 which will hopefully be released later this year. New features include new physics, better graphics and new submarine models.

However, we’re currently doomed with a Windows-only bug. It seems to be some kind of multi-threading problem, but I wasn’t able yet to track it down.

That’s where you step in. I compiled the latest development-snapshot of the game for Win32 and put it up for download. If you’re a seasoned Windows-hacker and like to help in development, or if you’re just a gamer who want’s to try out the game and report some bugs – you’re all welcome! Any help is appreciated.

My posting on the Dangerdeep-Forums:

Hi all,

I’m just at the stage of finding a bug on Win32 with the latest svn-Snapshot of the game.

Essentially, the game sometimes crashes during starting a new mission, always in the thread coastmap.
Guess what: If I start the game under gdb-control, the error doesn’t occur! It’s really driving me nuts for Windows doesn’t have coredumps for later debugger inspection.

Anyone willing and able to give me a hand? At the moment I’m the only tester reporting and hunting bugs, but I really really suck at Windows.

A bug-description can be found here: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2023975&group_id=71244&atid=535546

Any takers? I compiled the latest SVN snapshot (r2646) for x86/Win32 with debugging symbols. Download it here:
(It’s currently still uploading. As long as you get 404, wait until 22:00 MEST.)

How to install?
Just unzip the directory to some place.

How to run?
Just start the provided batch-file dangerdeep.bat or set your PATH to include the directory “DLL” which is provided by the ZIP-file.

All licences can be found in the LICENCES folder.

How to check if my graphic card is good enough
Along with the ZIP-archive, there’s a programm called gltest.x86.exe. Just run it and it tells you if everything’s ok. If that tests fails and the game doesn’t run, you need to upgrade either your drivers or even get a new graphic card.

Good hunting! And thanks for the help in advance!


Now to you Linux-people: Yes, I also made a snapshot for you – and contrary to Windows, the games works flawlessly here :-) Grab a copy for x86_64 here: http://yalla.ynfonatic.de/tmp/dangerdeep/dangerdeep-x86_64-linux-r2628.tar.bz2

Good hunting!