Maximum insanity – scientists charged for not predicting earthquake

June 17, 2010

wtfTo blame or not to blame, that is the question. Politics and science sometimes just don’t mix, and now we have another example right out of the real life. You think politicians are sane or educated enough to cope with science? You think they actually understand what science is about? You better think twice. This is insane:

News out of Italy suggests that seven researchers who did not predict the L’Aquila earthquake in April 2009 are under formal investigation and may be charged with gross negligent manslaughter.

I wonder if they will charge Berlusconi for aiding and abetting because he cut funds for basic research.

Next on: Politicians sueing meterologists for Kathrina. Politicians sueing vulcanologists for Mt. St. Helens. Politicians sueing petrologists for the BP oil spill. Errrr… Right.

Film at 10.